Home Ready Mortgage

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Want a better option for home purchase financing than FHA? If you are one of the following consumers you could be eligible for a 3% down, low mortgage insurance, Home Ready Mortgage from Fannie Mae and Guaranty Trust: Favorable credit, mean credit score of 680; Only have 3% for down payment, or are receiving a

Guaranty Trust Company has been clearing away the fuzz for homebuyers since 1986. Watch this illustrated video for 8 Easy Steps to walk away with a better understanding of the mortgage process! Click HERE to get pre-approved for your home loan! More about Guaranty Trust Mortgage: Since 1986, we have been a market leader in

Mortgage Basics

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What is a Mortgage? There are many different definitions for a mortgage. But to put is in simple terms, a mortgage is a loan that is secured by a property or house and paid in installments over a set period of time. The mortgage is your promise to the lender that the money borrowed will

Here is an excerpt from a Forbes article titled “The Perfect Loan File” “The media has it all wrong – securing mortgage approval and satisfying credit underwriting guidelines are not the difficulties plaguing mortgage consumers. It’s in meeting the rigorous documentation requirements that most people fall flat. The good news is, the fix is simple.

A veteran can purchase a home with -0- Down payment.  The home loan amount does have a maximum limit depending on what state you live in. For Eligibility Frequently Asked Questions, click HERE.    If you were in the service, but you are not sure if you would qualify for a VA loan, here are the

When going through the qualification and underwriting process, calculating and verifying your income is one of the most important things a lender will look at before fully approving your loan.  Having sufficient income to qualify for the loan is the backbone for insuring that you will be able to make the payments on the new

Sell or Refinance….HARP*4* REALTORS As a Real Estate Agent, you can be certain you’ll receive calls from panicked homeowners who want to sell their home because they owe too much, or falsely believe it is better to rent than to experience their home’s value decline in a soft market. Fearing the worst, some homeowners want

Imagine, getting into a home for $100 down!  Yes, its true, there are some HUD  foreclosed properties where a buyer can purchase a home for just $100 down!  Before you rush to make a bid on one,  there are some stipulations to that program you’ll want to be aware of: 1. This $100 down program

A few ideas for rebuilding your credit scores: There are several misconceptions on building credit floating around in the mortgage industry. Below are a few ideas that may be effective in building up a credit score in as quick a manner as possible to help obtain a mortgage with having a better credit score. 1.

Special Funds are available in the City Of Murfreesboro by the City of Murfreesboro. The borrower does not have to be first time homebuyer. The grant amount can be up to $14,999 in certain census tracks, including 409,410,411,412,413,414 & 421, and has to be a foreclosed and vacant property. In some cases, this grant can